Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services!

“Itech Power Solution” offers all kinds of virtual assistant tasks such as answering customers’ queries, researching new products or strategies, helping in online research, creating presentations, providing IT support, managing schedules, and managing your social media. So, optimize your energy, capital, and time by using the “Itech Power Solution” VA service. From Office management to finance management our VAs are professionals in every task.

What is a Virtual Assistant?Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant sometimes also known as a virtual office assistant is an expert in specific fields or is capable of handling certain types of tasks from all over the world. He could be a self-employed worker, or either a freelancer or an independent contractor, who offers business tasks and administrative or marketing-based skills. A VA either helps you with just a few monthly functions or benefits you with your business’s day-to-day activities.

Benefits of our VAs!

“Itech Power Solution” virtual assistant helps you with daily tasks and saves time. Moreover, our VA can handle all other tasks you need to be proficient at. Working daily without putting the job on the following day can save you time and gives you to do other tasks that can enhance your business.

Email inbox management:

Our VA helps you with Email inbox management. It not only deals with the concerns and queries of the customers but also provided them with solutions to satisfy them.

Organize accounting and


We are skilled in computer software techniques and business programs. We are also specialized in bookkeeping, which helps reduce your responsibilities.

Customer services tasks:

One of our VA service’s major tasks includes customer service. Our virtual assistant has a high level of proficiency to deal with customers.

Virtual Assistant Services Answer Customers’ queries:virtual assistant

Customer satisfaction is the main thing that builds your business in days. Because customers are the primary units to grow your business, handling your customers takes a lot of work. But don’t worry, “Itech Power Solution” VAs are here to help you. Our virtual assistant answers customers’ queries proficiently and satisfies them so that no concerns are left behind.

Manage calendar/ Schedule


Going with a scheduled program can reduce the hustle and rush time of your life. “Itech Power Solution” virtual assistant manages and organizes your calendar so you never become fed up with your routine. Moreover, our VAs will also help you create your business presentations by providing proficient slides.

IT Support and manage your social


Social media is the best platform to grow your business nowadays. But it takes enough time to enhance your business. So, our virtual assistant is here to help you in saving your time. Our VA is an expert in IT and manages your social media.

Help in online research:

Conduct Travel management with complete and accurate online research is necessary for enhancing business. Our virtual assistant provides you with correct and valid online analysis.

Research New products or strategies:

Our virtual assistant is aware of every new strategy and policy in the market. So, he goes with researching new products and techniques to enhance your business. It will help you to grow your business with contemporary companies.

Get a quote today!

“Itech Power Solution” virtual assistant is more cost-effective than the other employee you hire on your payroll. So why employ real-time employees and get your budget out? One of the benefits of hiring our VA is that our VA can work in his off time. So what are you waiting for? Get your VA today!